Sept 30, 2002

I can walk!  I walk much more than I crawl now.  I just love to point to things then drag the nearest person over to what I want.  I can walk much faster with a finger to hold on to!  I have 6 teeth now.  Four on top and two on bottom.  Mommy can see another bottom one getting ready to pop through. 

I have been eating everything!  I ate tons of Daddy's McDonald's hamburger the other day.  Since I am very skinny, Mommy thinks it is fine for me to eat junk food.  She will do about anything to fatten me up!

My nice friend Lee gave me some outdoor toys.  Now I get to play on my slide and see-saw as much as possible.  I can even climb on the see-saw by myself and make it rock.

I went to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time.  I thought it was wonderful!  I loved the animals and playing in the tube things.  My aunt Lori had to play with me in there because Mommy's fat belly wouldn't let her go with me!

I'm going to be a big sister! Look here to see how it is progressing!