August 8, 2002

I spent a few days at my Aunt Lori's house in Arkansas. I had lots of fun. My Aunt Lori is as silly as Mommy!!

I have been keeping Mommy very very busy! I crawl around the house 90 mph. I also pull up on everything and anything. I have fallen and bonked my head quite a few times. I have also popped out my top left tooth and the one next to it. Mommy sure hopes my front right one comes in soon. She thinks I look lopsided!

I haven't been sleeping well at all at night. Mommy and Daddy hope it is my teeth and not a behavior problem. Mommy is a zombie all day. She gripes a lot about not ever getting to sleep.

I spend a lot of time looking out our back door wishing I could play outside. I also love to kiss our tv.