August 30, 2002

I have figured out how to walk with my push toy!  I think it is so much fun!  I have also started "singing" with Mom when she sings my favorite song.  I have been eating big girl food more than my baby food.  My favorite things to eat are noodles, green beans, and fries.  I also love drinking out of a straw (no matter what is in the cup).  I have become attached to my binky.  If I see it, it is in my mouth.  Mommy seems to think it is because my teeth are coming.  Mommy and Daddy got me a cool new bike!  I make brrrrr brrrr noises while someone pushes me around on it.  Mommy says I just go go go all day long.  She is pooped!!

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Wanna see my Mommy's growing tummy?