.NET Time Picker Control

I wrote this control from a need for my wife (a Photographer) to have a method to schedule appointments on her website. There might be some other solutions but to me, this was the most user friendly idea I came up with for scheduling the time of the appointment.

I've got a todo list for it such as allowing military format, and making it databindable. I will release new versions here as I get them done.

You can see a sample of what is does below:

Formview Template:

Clock Mode (sets the control to read only from the users standpoint):
Postback value:

DisplaySeconds property set to false:

Postback value:

Preset Date/Time:

Postback value:

SelectedTimeFormat set to TwentyFour:

Postback value:

Microsoft AJAX .NET Example:

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Validator Example, AllowSecondEditing set to false:

Postback value:

Validator Code Behind:
List list = new List();

TimeSelectorAvailabilityValidator1.AppointmentList = list;
TimeSelectorAvailabilityValidator1.AppointmentLengthInMinutes = 90;
Visual Settings (BackColor, BorderColor, ButtonSettings):

Postback value:

Download the control here.